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About Njeri Olenkere


Sustainable designer, writer and developer based in Sweden. Njeri has a degree in Graphic Design and Web Development and has worked as a Front-end developer and UX designer. Hyson Solutions is one of the websites' designed by Njeri.
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Latest Books

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I SAW GOD: Are souls not from the same Source? Spirituality, dreams and well-being themed.


UNDER THE MAGIC SPELL: Seeking love which turns into the something unbelievable. Romance, racism, magic and LBTQI+ themed.

Upcoming Events

6 June, 2019

Get copies of Under the Magic Spell at the Micro Publishers fair, Tranås Library. Time:11am-14pm

29 June, 2019

Rainbow day med jämställdhetsmak, Tranås. Time:10am-19pm

25 May, 2019

Under The Magic Spell book release at Hästholmens Bygdegård, Ödeshög. Time:12pm