Soul pulled out…

Inter-dimentional beings, time travellers, those from the land of shade, shadow beings are among the names given to the shadow smoke look-alike beings Njeri recently saw.

So Njeri was lying in bed and just before sleeping, suddenly a shadow being passby. Njeri’s body felt a sensation that but ignored it.

Then two more shadow beings passed by and that made Njeri look up who saw that there was many other shadow beings going in a spiral up on the corner of the room simutiniously Njeri’s soul was being pulled out by a super magnetic powerful kind of force. At some point Njeri felt like the soul literaly got out of the body. 

Body and mind felt helpless since they could not pull the soul back. It was really frightening experience. Like that of sleep paralysis if you have had one.

At this point, Njeri’s body had began to let go and was relaxing and the eyes had started to see more darkness as the soul got pulled further away. Suddenly, thoughts came that if Njeri continued to lie in bed, the soul would go out and Njeri would die but if the body stood up, Njeri would live. Somehow, Njeri got energy to drag the body up and in that instant, the soul was snapped back, the shadow beings all poof! disappered.

All this felt like it took many hours even though time seemed not to have passed. What were they? Everyone one who has had this experience asks themselves that. A question probably even the ancient lot; Egyptians,Summerians, Mayas etc once asked themselves. There is no conclusion to this story yet.

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Soul pulled out

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