In dream world…

Aren’t dreams wonderful? Just like in yoga where one is able to transcend the world of form, same is in dream world, one travels anywhere within miliseconds, see the impossible become possible. A dead relative ressurects, a lion becomes a friend, a rock can talk, humans fly etc. What did you dream last night?

Dreams are here to help us, if one is keen, one is able to unfold the secrets hidden in each dream. To celebrate dreams, the book Under the magic spell uses the art of dreams to spice up events. Jata is a dreamer who is undergoing a transformation in her life.

Those that have already read the book are giving feedback. Thank you for supporting Njeri’s work through buying Under the magic spell, book 1 of the 3 series. This contribution will not only help in funding the projects of refugees in East Africa but also help in producing book 2 called Voyage into the Underworld.

Those in Sweden, see you in various book seminars that Njeri will be going to. If you would like Njeri to have a book seminar in your town, or country, kindly do email.

Love to all, Love to you ❤

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