Universe christmas calender…

Designed by Freepik

In anticipation for christmas, people get an advent calender where they open up each day to reveal something hidden inside. The days are from dec 1 – 24 dec.

Here are random wisdom from the universe about life: 

  1.  Life is short, be spontaneous and have fun.
  2. Being grateful to even small things like breathing, is a grand way to live. 
  3. Plan the day, but have no expectations. Let the day surprise you. 
  4. Stop sabotaging your self with thoughts and actions that are not healthy to your welbeing. You are good enough.
  5. If you can´t find a solution for a problem, it is wise to put it aside for a while. Revisit the problem later. 
  6. Do something right for yourself and for somone.
  7. In the house, you can only experience inhouse experiences eg reading, watching etc but outside is where all the magic happens. The fresh air, watch birds, smell a flower, meet familiar faces and new ones etc. The choice is yours.
  8. Eat good “food” for your well being.
  9. You can never learn enough. Ask the universe to teach you, and you will be amazed.
  10. It is possible to use love and kindness to extinguish hate, unkindness etc. Try it. 
  11. Network far and wide. You never know.
  12.  If you want to stand up and dance, stand up and dance, if you want to ask a girl out, ask her out. Because you have 5 seconds to decide on something before doubt, fear and all their cousins pour into your head. 
  13. Laughter is the best medicine. Go to a stand up comedy show etc.
  14. Never!.. ever!.. over compromise yourself for the sake of others.
  15. Treat yourself well; with love, nice things, good food, be around  kind loving people.
  16. By Realising and accepting that one day you will pass on, it might help you begin to live, enjoy the moment, do the best you can when you can and to start preparing yourself before the D day comes. 
  17. Forgivness may be hard to come by but trust me, it is a fulfilling virtue. Forgive all and ask for forgivness. Then move on.
  18. Did you know that we have 5 fingers that look different, but together they do amazing things?
  19. You are beautiful anď wonderfully made. Live like it.
  20. Tell kind words to a friend, a stranger, your partner, a neighbour. 
  21. Be silly, funny, enjoy simplicity of life.
  22. Reconnect, recharge with the creator, energy source, through prayer or medidation.
  23. Giving without expecting back anything, gives you a sense of joy. 
  24. Meŕry christmas!


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