13 rituals of authors…

T for Test book
  1. Finish writing your book:  Yes this part can be hard especially if you are not a fulltime author. During my Writing Under The Magic Spell, it took 2 years to finally finish writing it. Reasons: Procrastinating,  not wanting to let go for fear that its not ready yet. All in all, may your first goal be to finish the book.
  2. Find a publisher: Would it not be great to find someone who can publish your creation? Then you can relax and focus on writing your next book.
  3. Find a proof reader: As a self publisher, you will have to do abit more than just writing. After finishing your book, it is great to have a second and third opnion. Personally, I sent my book to like 5 persons/publishing houses. Only one replied. From lesson learnt: Never put all your hopes on one person (unless its Sue
    Kelso Ryan). Its good to find 5- 9 people and publishing houses and hope that atleast 1 will reply positively.  On proofreading, I highly recommend Sue Kelso Ryan. Sue is an excellent communicator, gives effective feedback, is very reliable and friendly. Sue re-organised my book from chaos into a perfect piece at an affordable price: https://www.suekelsoryan.co.uk/
  4. Research on books:  What height and width do you want your book to possess? Do you like matte or glossy lamination? Hard bound? Soft bound? Cream paper, white paper? etc
  5. A designer: Okaj if you are not a graphic design and web development student as i am or a designer, I would suggest that you hop in linkedIn and begin your search… Or hire me 🙂 A designer suggests font, design the contents of the book and the cover etc.
  6. Get an isbn number: This number helps with unique identifying of author, the book, the title, publication year. In Sweden it takes approximately 5 days to get it. You can order this number via: https://isbn.kb.se/
  7. The printing house: There are numerous companies offering this service. You can write to them and compare their prices, their level of response and you can decide for your self which one suits you best.
  8. T for test book: You dont want to produce 500 copies worth 12,000kr only to discover that you forgot to kern or you missed a quotation marks. A test book helps you weed out the mistakes earlier in the process. It is also important to have a test book inorder to read your book from the perspective of your- reader-to-be. 
  9. VAT: Its good to ask the tax office about this because I have no knowledge in this.
  10. Order: Having dug out all the mistakes, you can now order your 500 copies.
  11. Network: This is a good way to learn new things such as book funds, get connections to festivals, book workshops, contact of people to help you launch your book, use website, social media to gather fans/followers.  
  12. First sale: After selling your first book, scream ” Yeah i did it!” then  focus on selling more stock.
  13. Begin writing your next book or take a vacation or do whatever you want. Your life, your choice!

Merry Christmass to you!

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