One day…

One day, Tranås municipality will be a more including municipality when it comes to all human rights. One day, there will be a pride match here where lgbtq+ persons will walk hand in hand for love is love. One day, those who struggle to be themselves in a society where one is jugde if they break the predefined norms shall be free. One day, we shall love, respect and treat each as one big family…

Bill-board in Tranås StadHuset(Tranås city hall)

But on this day, it is with much gratitude that I take this opportunity to thank Tranås municipality  accepting the idea to include lgbtq+ activities in to their calender. My appreciation goes also to residences of Tranås  who have been positive minded and very welcoming into the society. In the town where I live, I have met open-minded and kind humans and that is something I can not take for granted. Tusen tak!

But this idea of including lgbtq+ events would not have launched were it not for the wonderful team behind it. They sacrifised their time since last year(2017) inorder to organise the Tranås rainbow week. Such heroes they are. Thank you the super power team.

Among the events that took/taking  place between 13-21 october 2018 was exhibitions such as ECCO HOMO, Lesbians who live in the coutryside, lecture/talk on how “my husband became my wife”,  an open mic event called Rainbow Pilsnerpoesi.

Rome Is Not A Town

Playing in Plan B, Tranås was the queer indierock band called  Rome Is Not A Town  

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