Here is how love feels…

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

Said  Dr. Maya Angelou

“I love you very much, Jata,” came the electrifying words that felt like they were clearing the darkness of loneliness, striking out the pains of the past. My withered heart began to blossom again igniting the passion, compassion and pleasure that I once had forgotten how it felt like. To love and be loved felt wonderful. Joy was bouncing in me as I got off my chair and knelt in front of her, holding both of her arms and barely restraining myself from sobbing.

“Today you have…” I battled the tears by blinking rapidly. “…you have brought love to me again. I love you too Matilda.” I let the tears of excitement roll out. She gently held my face and kissed me then said “honey, you complete me,” then in almost a whisper yet in a teasing voice she said “I want you”…..

Cover book of Under the Magic Spell

About Under the Magic Spell Book:

Sometimes you experience unlimited roadblocks, you struggle, you are thrown into confusion state. “Why me?” becomes  your companion. The universe is shaking to awaken you for it is time…

Jata is a lesbian refugee in Swearelm. She has a gender non-conforming friend called Ty. In the pursuit of Love, Jata joins HomoLinkUp group on facebook. But when she meets Matilda, what follows is unimaginable!

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